Geekerella - Ashley Poston

Elle Wittimer is a fandom geek. More specifically, a Starfield geek. Her father founded a convention dedicated it it, so she grew up in the fandom naturally. Until her father died, leaving Elle with her stepmonster and twin stepsisters.


While Geekerella is a modern retake on Cinderella, it's also put an entire new spin on the story. We've got a self rescuing princess, a prince who isn't completely confident in himself, a fairy godmother who drives a food truck, and only one charming animal companion for our princess.


When Elle learns that the Starfield movie is going to star Darien Freeman, she's understandable upset. Why cast a teen heartthrob as the captain of the Prospero? Especially when he isn't even a fan. How can he possibly do justice to Prince Carmindor?


Darien is nervous and excited. He's just been cast in the role of a lifetime, Prince Carmindor of Starfield. How could a fan get a bigger role of his dreams? Now he just has to prove to all the doubters that he can be Carmindor, not just play him.


After a text to the wrong number for ExcelsiCon, Elle and Darien strike up a conversation that blooms into something more. The anonymity of the internet worked in their favor this time, allowing to people to form a connection that would never have happened otherwise. And while there are some serious obstacles in the way, Elle and Darien, as their anonymous alter-egos try to let that connection grow. 


Geekerella flips back and forth between the perspectives of Ella and Darien, and with each chapter marked as to who is talking, it's very easy to follow. The flow is great between the chapters, and it's incredibly easy to read. The twists and turns are fairly predictable, it is a story we know by heart after all. But there are some charming twists on the familiar details that make it fresh, and relevant in the age of the internet.


A huge part of Geekerella is the con and fandoms. ExcelsiCon may have started for fans of Starfield, but as many cons do, it's grown to embrace geeks of all stripes. And being reminded at a few spots during the book that fandoms really are all interconnected was beautiful. And while there may not be a Happily Ever After, there is a (mostly) Happily Ever Now.


Look to the stars. Aim. Ignite


Geekerella: A Fangirl Fairy Tale

Ashley Poston

Publisher: Quirk Books (April 4, 2017)
Publication Date: April 4, 2017
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Language: English