Hard Rhythm

Hard Rhythm - Cecilia Tan

Hard Rhythm is the third and final (sadly) book in best-selling author Cecilia Tan's Secrets of a Rock Star series. The previous books are Wild Licks, and Taking the Lead, and Hard Rhythm is no disappointment in the series.


Maddie has been working at the most exclusive BDSM club in Hollywood for a while now, and has seen it all. She's done much of it too, because you can't teach without experience. But she still feels a big empty space inside, that she can't be a "real" submissive because she can't let go.


Chino, the drummer for the most wildly popular rock band, can't get over Maddie. He's had a thing for her since the first time he saw her. But he's got abandonment and family issues of his own to work through before he can fully commit to a relationship.


Chino & Maddie eventually decide to give in to their mutual feelings, but Chino wants Maddie to completely give herself over to him. She's bared her body, but Chino wants her mind as well. And in learning to bare Maddie's mind, Chino learns to bare his past and family. And in learning to bare their deepest secrets, Maddie & Chino will forge a bond beyond what either could have hoped for.


As always, Cecilia is at the top of her game, giving hot, steamy sex together with characters you care about. Relationships you want to succeed, packed full of naughtiness. I've said it before, and I continue to stand by it, Cecilia Tan is one of the greatest writers of smut out there. Few others can combine the tenderness of a budding romantic relationship together with the endorphin packed beginning of D/S relationship the way she has with the Secrets of a Rock Star series.


If you're looking for some loving smut, pick up the series. If you're new to the smut genre, pick up the series. If you like your love stories on the sexy side, pick up the series. It starts off quickly, there are no boring parts, everything is important for the stories, and the sex is marvelously hot. It's definitely a must read.