Dark Stars

Dark Stars (The Thief Taker Series Book 3) - C.S. Quinn

It is October, 1666. London is still smoking in the ruin of the Great Fire, and the horrors of mutilated bodies are mirroring events from several years ago.


With the greatest eclipse as yet seen just on the horizon, and a prophecy that the "Eye" must be found, or be lost forever, Thief Taker Charlie Tuesday begins his mad dash through London to find the Eye, and stop the murders.


Accompanied by Lily, a Romani with a serious chip on her shoulder, Charlie must solve clues relating to the Eye, while being followed by a notorious judge, a Dutch ships captain bent on destroying the British Navy, and the stranger who is committing the murders.



C.S. Quinn wove together a wonderful tale in this book, the third in a series. I haven't read the first two, and fortunately, that's not a requirement. Dark Stars is brilliant as a standalone mystery novel, giving enough history to the characters that you don't feel as though you're missing out on what created them. It is obvious that there is a past between Charlie and Lily, but the reader isn't completely left in the dark about it. 


I really enjoyed it, read it fairly quickly, and have recommended it to a few other people looking for a New Adult historical fiction mystery. It's a good one to pick up if you enjoyed the Robert Langdon series, as the plot is similar, and the pacing is as quick.


In the interest of disclosure, the publisher and NetGalley provided me with an advance copy of this book.