Sprinkle Glitter on my Grave

Sprinkle Glitter on My Grave: Observations, Rants, and Other Uplifting Thoughts About Life - Jill Kargman

Sprinkle Glitter on my Grave: Observations, Rants, and Other Uplifting Thoughts About Life is the latest memoir/essays by Jill Kargman. She's an author of books for teens and adults as well as an actress, the star of Odd Mom Out on Bravo.


Kargman is a NYC girl, born and bred. And it shows in her writings. She's talkative, opinionated, and funny. Her show Odd Mom Out is based on her novel Momzillas. She discusses life as a mom in NYC, stories about growing up, and anecdotes about her family. 


She's best when she's talking about her family and growing up. Her writing style isn't as "I'm trying to be the cool mom" in those essays/chapters. It's more poignant and funnier than when she's dropping btdubs, awks, or insuffs. 


She's got chapters dedicated to all kinds of things, from things that keep her awake at 3am, her style evolution from "Miami Vice" to "Goth mom/rocker chic", to musings on getting her kids into the cutthroat world of kindergarten in NYC. There's a jot of judgmental stuff in here, nothing that's particularly vicious, just bordering on holier than thou. 


It's not particularly easy to review a collection like this, as each essay is completely different than the others. There's very little continuity, aside from the very jarring slang that she uses. Which was enough to make me roll my eyes every time I read it. Btdubs is just the most innane thing on earth. Well, the chapter where she name drops John Kerry, who was married to her Godmother, over and over again. That chapter was amusing, it was about her family trying to get plots in a very exclusive cemetery, and their repeated rejections. Until Senator Kerry wrote them a letter of recommendation to get in, then all was fine with the cemetery.


If you're a fan of Odd Mom Out, which I'd never heard of before picking up Sprinkle Glitter on my Grave, you'll probably enjoy the book more. You'll already be accustomed to her linguistic flow. And her name dropping of places in NYC and the surrounding areas. And of the problems faced by the rich in a city surrounded by the even richer. It was funny, but I won't be going to the bookstore to pick anything else of hers up.



Sprinkle Glitter on My Grave: Observations, Rants, and Other Uplifting Thoughts About Life
Jill Kargman
Publisher: Ballantine Books (September 6, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0399594574
ISBN-13: 978-0399594571