Dark Spirits

Dark Spirits: A Man Terrorized by the Supernatural - Stephen Lancaster

Dark Spirits is the latest book from paranormal researcher and investigator Stephen Lancaster. This is a collection of some of the stories/investigations that have stuck with Lancaster the most during his career as an investigator, and he presents them with commentary of what he learned, felt, saw, and feels.


There are eleven chapters in Dark Spirits, and most of them are intertwined with "something" that may well have attached itself to Lancaster. The first story, "The Fascinating Case of Mrs. Weller", is the most hopeful of them. It concerns a prediction a woman made just before her death, the evidence of the predictions written in a letter to her son dated one week before her passing. There are corroborating accounts from multiple people confirming some of the details, including pictures with unexplained artifacts in them. 


The second, third, and fourth are intertwined as they happened at the same location. A large estate with large fields that were worked by slaves, a strange wooded grove where the slave cabins were supposed to be located, and a house that some residents seem to have never left. These were the most striking stories in the book. The terror is palpable as the group tries to flee an unseen pack of...something...Something who has eyes visible in the IR camera, but not to the naked eye. This is the investigation that began to pull apart his team, and from which "something" attached itself to Lancaster


The rest of the chapters are from after the core investigation team fell apart, and some investigations have Lancaster accompanied by former members of his team. These aren't incredibly remarkable, save that there are some lingering attachments from the horrors of the investigation detailed in chapters 2-4.


There is come compelling threads presented that point to the presence of something existing after death, but as it is a book, detailed photographs, video, and audio recordings aren't available. Nevertheless, this is a book to make you wonder just what those bumps in the night are from. Or, rather, who those bumps are from.