Summoned & Stifled

Summoned - Rainy Kaye Stifled - Rainy Kaye

Summoned & Stifled are the first books in the Summoned series by author Rainy Kaye. They're an interesting take on two different fronts. The first is that it's a paranormal/urban fantasy novel that isn't about a vampire, werewolf, shifter, ghost, or witch. It's about a Jinn. And that's the second interesting front, the new perspective on a Jinn.


Dimitri is a Jinn, but you may better know what he is as a Genie. But they prefer Jinn, it's the Arabic name for them, and they are of Middle Eastern origin. But Dimitri isn't what you'd expect a Jinn to be. He's not the jolly big blue guy from that Disney movie we all know. He's hard. He's detached. He's at the mercy of his Master. Always.


Summoned is where we learn about Dimitri, about what he does. And what he does is any request from his Master that ends in those three words...This I wish. And those three words bind Dimitri to finish his master's command, no matter what it is. Kidnapping a young girl? Done. Killing a college professor? Done. Blowing up a research facility? Done, done and done.


But Dimitri meets Syd. And all his plans for a solitary life fly out the window. As their relationship progresses, and Syd eventually learns Dimitri's big secret, the two are determined to find out why his master is sending him on such odd and seemingly unrelated tasks. Until they realize that the master is sending him out to kill other potential Masters for Dimitri.


Together Dimitri & Syd chase loose ends, disobey a direct order from Dimitri's Master, and literally bring his house down upon his head. Only then can Dimitri be freed from his curse. And only then can they travel to Italy for a Happy Ever After.


Stifled is where we learn that Happily Ever After never happens for a researcher like Syd. Not when she discovers that there is a Jinn on the loose in San Diego. So Syd and Dimitri return to the States to investigate more about the Jinn, and where Dimitri came from.


They find that there is not only one Jinn loose, but a number. And they're all tied to a strange society called J-Net. The duo decides to infiltrate J-Net by posing as Master and Jinn. They discover that the ringleader of J-Net is as corrupt as they come, and has not only helped cover up the murder of Jinns, but is running a school for the offspring of those Jinn.


Dimitri and Syd work to try to free a horribly wronged Jinn, end the corrupt leader, and it's starting to work out. Until a face from Dimitri's past shows up to try to twist all his plans to help herself. But maybe helping her will will allow him to work towards his goals. Working with a known force is better than working alone, right?


But will Dimitri and Syd be able to help the other Jinn? Will they be able to get out of this new predicament? Will they be able to make it out alive?


I enjoyed these two books, the use of Jinn was a nice change from the normal supernatural characters in the genre. And telling the story with the Jinn as the focus was also nice. There was no non-consentual sex, no being pressured into sex, no consent grey areas at all, which is really refreshing. And the way the books ended leave things open for another, which I'm assuming is what the author has planned. At least I hope she does. I want to know more about Dimitri & Syd, and their continuing adventure.