Wild Licks

Wild Licks - Cecilia Tan

Wild Licks, the second book in Cecilia Tan's Secrets of a Rock Star series, is a wild, sexy spin into the "unconventional" lives of Mal & Gwen.


We met Mal and Gwen in the first book, Taking the Lead, but we get to know them in this one. Mal is the broody bad boy of The Rough, a "one and done" guy. Until he meets Excrucia that is. A masochistic bottom, who loves what Mal dishes out. Gwen is a proper lady, an aspiring actress, and way out of Mal's normal tastes. They keep getting put together for publicity outings, and begin to be interested in one another.


Mal and Excrucia continue their lovely kinkfest, until the accident happens. Excrucia is revealed to be Gwen, and Mal bolts. He's afraid of damaging another person, afraid of his "unnatural urges", and afraid of the growing feeling he has for Gwen. Leaving the country to record a new album seems to be the best idea he's heard in a while, so Mal jumps on the chance.


Mal's bandmates begin to realize that it was a mistake. That Mal not being able to indulge himself in his BDSM needs causes him to be a raging jerkwad. Cue his bandmates calling Gwen to come and see if she can help. After flying in, and surprising Mal, Gwen begins to show him that his urges and needs are normal for him. That he's not going to damage her, and that she likes the way they role play.


There's some drama that then unfolds, mostly revolving around Mal and his stubbornness. His inability to trust himself was severely broken, and needs to be rebuilt before he can move on into the relationship he wants with Gwen.


Wild Licks was a really good book. Great portrayal of BDSM, role playing as part of that relationship, and some great Master/sub dynamics. There's not a whole lot of communication and negotiation in that relationship, which is/can be a strong basis in and kink relationship. All in all, I enjoyed it. Well written, fun read, hot sex, and a big heaping ladle of kink. Again, as expected, Cecilia Tan hits it out of the park. (Which is only a semi-intentional pun referring to her "day job".)


I did receive a copy of Wild Licks from the publisher in exchange for a fair review.