Something Wicked: A Ghost Hunter Explores Negative Spirits

Something Wicked: A Ghost Hunter Explores Negative Spirits - Debi Chestnut
Something Wicked is the latest work from noted paranormal researcher Debi Chestnut. It focuses on negative entities, but specifically on demons.
I like to refer to books like this as as basic introductions to the paranormal, as it goes fairly in depth into demonic entities, but the last chapter isn't really geared towards a beginner. Ms. Chestnut gives a good background information on the types of negative entities, including hauntings, poltergeists, negative entities who were never in human form, and demons.
There are chapters that explain how demons find victims, signs of infestation, repression, oppression, and finally possession of humans by demons. Each of these areas are overlapping, and some can be confused for each other by a paranormal researcher who isn't familiar with the workings of demons. I'm going to assume that the vast majority of paranormal investigators, commonly called Ghost Hunters, are not familiar with actual demons. It's far more common to come across a malevolent ghost or a poltergeist than a true demon.
There are a couple chapters dedicated to exorcisms as well, and the chapter that details false exorcisms is rather startling. There are some details into the murders of people who were claimed to be possessed that are graphic and disturbing. The part that goes over some of the items in the Catholic Rites of Exorcism was quite interesting as well. there were a number of changes in the 1999 release that some priests were unhappy with, including the printing of the rites in English, as opposed to Latin, which they had been published as previously. Some of the changes were very minor, but there are other changes that were a little baffling. (I'm not going to get into detail about them, they're not essential for the vast majority of people, as they only pertain to the priests chosen to perform exorcisms by the church.)
All in all, it was a pretty good introduction to negative entities, but demons in particular. And Ms Chestnut does make it pretty clear that if you believe you may have encountered a demon, that you shouldn't "play with it". You should contact an experienced investigator to evaluate the situation. There are some mental and physical illnesses that can be mistaken for possession/oppression, and treating those with an exorcism cam be harmful to the one suffering.
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780738742175 (0738742171)
ASIN: 0738742171
Publish date: 2016-07-08
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Pages no: 240
Edition language: English