Amber Fire & Night Sins

Amber Fire - Lisa Renee Jones Night Sins - Lisa Renee Jones

Amber Fire is a new novella from Lisa Renee Jones, and is the story of how Amber met Jareth. Amber is an archeologist, carrying on the work of her father on the ancient Yaguara. A race of shape-shifting jaguars. Jareth, a reclusive novelist keeps showing up at the most odd times, usually when there are jaguars around the dig site.


Could Jareth be one of the ancient Yaguara? Or is he really what he seems, a concerned local, wanting to keep the dig team safe from the wild jaguars? Night Sins is a fun novella, clocking in at about 75 pages. It's super easy to digest, has a touch of mystery, some enjoyable smut, and ends on a note that leaves the reader wanting more of the story, and to know what happens next for Amber & Jareth.


Both books here are novellas from Lisa Renee Jones, and as such, I'm posting them in the same review. They're completely separate worlds, but still have the urban fantasy themes running through them. That's why they're together here.


Night Sins is Kayla and Ethan's story. Or at least, the story of how they began working together. Kayla is a Watcher, she protects humans from the nightwalkers. Ethan is one of the vampires. Not nightwalker, he's on the side of the humans, but he and Kyla are still forbidden from working, or playing, together. But as humn women are being killed in Las Vegas, Kyla and Ethan are forced to work together, to prevent more murders, or anything else, from happening. Coming in at about 65 pages, this is another short and spicy little work, and does leave itself open to more of their story.


Both were fun, had some good smut, a touch of mystery. Well paced and written, both of these little novellas are easily recommended for a short break from mundania. I liked that each one was this short. I don't think that these two scenes, for lack of a better word, would make a novel, but as novellas, they're just right. The dialogue isn't contrived, the characters aren't walking stereotypes (they are fairly standard, but not "copy/paste"). The tension is good, and they leave the reader wanting more from each story. All in all, a very good little read.