Binding, Searing, & Divine Ecstasy

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Binding Ecstasy, Searing Ecstasy, and Divine Ecstasy are books 6-8 in Setta Jay's Guardians of the Realms series. If you've been following my reviews, you'll know that while I started reviewing these books separately, I've done 4 & 5 together and now 6, 7, & 8. It's mostly because the books really started setting me off. Rape, kidnapping, social isolation, borderline Stockholm Syndrome...So anyway, here's the last three books in the series.


Binding Ecstasy is the story of Bastien finding his mate. Natasha & Nastia are sisters, bred by Apollo to be his assassins. They have an interesting power, that they can turn to mist to attack, and Nastia has some abilities to "blur" the minds of the humans they encounter. Natasha & Nastia run an "adult" club, and are trying to stay as far under the radar as they possibly can, to avoid being found by the Guardians and exiled to Terartos.


Apollo was released from his chamber in the last book, and the sisters discover this. They're hell bent on capturing and killing him for all the torture he put them through. Unfortunately, the Guardians have other plans for Apollo. Natasha & Bastien have the typical meet/touch/mate/bond thing. No fussing, no fighting, just acceptance. Their powers blend, and they both become stronger. Just like all the other mated pairs.


For the added excitement, a rift to another world opens up, and just as the Guardians are about to capture Apollo, the warriors from the other world capture him and disappear.



Searing Ecstasy is Drake & Delia's story for the most part, but the mating between Sander & Nastia happens too. Delia was kidnapped by Cyril in an earlier book, and mated to others by Cyril in order to try to break the mating spell. But because Delia is completely broken, she & Drake can't mate. Because she has another beast and a "shadow" inside her, it's believed that mating with Drake and getting his dragon will kill her. So there's a bunch of angst over that whole thing.


The Guardians decide to release Hades in order to find Apollo. They figure because they're brothers, Hades should be able to locate Apollo, the Guardians catch him, and put him into a stasis chamber. Yeah, no. Apollo is missing. The link is there, but Hades gets nothing from Apollo. Hades eventually finds Delia and "fixes" her, so that she & Drake can mate to end all that drama.


Nastia & Sander realize they're also supposed to be together, but they fight the touching/mating/bonding as much as possible. As is expected when they fight the mating frenzy, they wind up being complete jerks to everyone as well as being taken off most patrols and such because they can't focus. Eventually they give in, and the rest of the mating happens.



Divine Ecstasy is Hades & Sacha. Sacha is in what amounts to a coma, ever since inhaling the poison of a special hellbeast. Hades gets damaged in a fight, and on his way down to the healing chambers, he gets compelled to walk into her room. He realizes she's his mate, and he wakes her up. Sacha was tortured by the Gods, so she's got all kinds of issues to work through, especially when her mate is a God. So Hades takes it gently and at the pace Sacha needs.


This book gives us new subplots, one from the Tria (a set of triplets that were banished to the Hell realm because they're horrible.), and we're introduced to Thule. Thule is another world vaguely similar to this set of realms, but the "ruling parties" are a little different. We also find out that Thule is where P's mother was from. P (Pothos) is Hades' son, but we know nothing about his mother, and it turns out that this is why.


Divine Ecstasy ends on a huge cliffhanger, and I think it was a really bad way to end the series. P meets his mate (who is from Thule), but the book ends with her and her brothers coming through the gate between Earth & Thule. And also with the Tria cackling about figuring out how they can break out of their prison.


So everyone besides Sirena gets to have a mate. Everybody besides P & Sirena are in their own little love-nests. And it just ends there. I think Ms. Jay could have written another book into this series for Sirena to find her mate, for P to claim his mate, and also delve into how to keep the Tria contained. I feel like she wrapped up everyone else, but left Sirena totally out in the cold, and that made me a little grumpy. She's the one who does all the medical care to work with the matings, work with all the injuries, and save everyone's lives. But she gets total short shaft.


I still can't recommend the series. The last couple books were less abusive, but it felt like there is a tradeoff with the smut. It could be that she was starting to tire of the series, and wanted it to end (much like I did), that could be an excuse. But still. No recommendation, and 2 stars.