Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best (A Margie Peterson Mystery) - Karen MacInerney

Mother Knows Best is the latest novel by Karen MacInerney, a light and cosy mystery, filled with some odd happenings.


Margie is an Austin PI, and her latest cases have taken a turn for the absurd. There's the kidnapped teacup pig, who turns out to be a full grown pregnant sow, the dead man in the wading pool, who turns out to be the headmaster of her daughter's new school, and then comes the family drama to add to the tension.


The book opens with Margie taking a late night phone call from her partner Peaches regarding a dead man in a wading pool, dressed in tights and goggles. From there the book keeps rolling from situation to situation. Through Margie's escapades in a strip club, hunting down the aforementioned pig, attempting to make her way into the parents club of her daughter's new school, the support group for her husband's "conversion therapy", and a visit from her very interesting mother.


I can't say I really enjoyed the book. I just finished it with a feeling of "meh". The bits with the pig were pretty funny, I'll grant that. However, the trespassing, breaking & entering, kidnapping, and mild torture just felt way over the top. The mystery of who killed the headmaster and why was ok. Not particularly surprising, but it was ok. The path that the book took that was supposed to be "exciting" was just overblown. The legal ramifications of everything she did are astounding, and her partner, Peaches, who has the PI license is responsible for her actions while on a case. The plausibility of the story was just blown. 


Would I recommend it? Meh. If you like totally over the top scenarios in what is marketed as a cozy mystery, absolutely absurd situations, and action that leaves you feeling just "meh", it might be your bag.


Mother Knows Best just didn't know anything for me.