Teen Frankenstein

High School Horror: Teen Frankenstein - Pamela Baker Chandler

Tor, and her best friend Owen Bloch are on the fringes of High School society, until the night that changes their lives for good. On her way home during a storm, Tor hits and kills a boy. Fueled by guilt and driven by scientific curiosity, Tor brings the dead boy to her late fathers laboratory and is finally successful in her attempts to reanimate a dead body. Adam (because what else do you name someone who has no recollection of anything prior to waking up in a saline bath) becomes Tor's greatest triumph, but one that she can't share with anyone besides Owen.


Tor and Owen try their best to help Adam fit into High School, but it's not the easiest thing they've ever done. Adam imprints on Tor, relying on her for everything from his history to the need to "recharge his batteries" by being electrocuted. And when Adam gets involved with the football team, which is a second religion in small town Texas, it becomes even harder to pretend things are normal. Until the murders start happening. Body parts being harvested from High School aged boys gets plenty of attention, and Tor begins to wonder if she could have a part to play in the murders.



Teen Frankenstein has a great story, but there were some very, very slow parts which failed to keep my attention. There is also a scene in which Tor is drugged with the intention of being raped, and the entire community dismisses Tor's being drugged as her fault. The scene was pretty disturbing, and perpetuates the belief that when someone is drugged and raped, they did something wrong, and it is the victim's fault. I was very disappointed to see this in a book marketed towards HS aged people.


I can't recommend this book in good faith, knowing that a rape stereotype is being perpetuated. The book was well written, but that scene ruined it for me. I wanted to stop reading, but I felt I had a responsibility to finish, so that I could give an honest review.


I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.