Bloodlines - Lynn Lipinski

Zane Clearwater wakes up the day after being fired from his job at the zoo, hungover from the night before, and learns that his mother perished in a house fire the night before. Zane blacked out, and can't remember anything from the night before, could he actually have killed his mother, like the police believe? Or is he innocent like he and his young sister believe?


In trying to discover who really was behind the murder of his mother, Zane meets his father. A man Zane had been told had died before he was born. A man his mother left for reasons only she knew.


Zane and Lettie, his young sister, start asking deeper questions about their mother's murder, and find themselves in danger. Not only from the murderer, but from Zane's father as well.


Bloodlines is a fast-paced, enjoyable read from Lynn Lipinski. The characters are easy to relate to, and while they do seem to take some rather serious risks, the risks do seem natural for two young people trying to find their mother's murderer when the police have stopped looking any farther than Zane. The assorted "shady characters" who appear throughout the book are fun, and do have some actual menace written into them. I'd very much recommend the book to anyone who enjoys mystery, thrillers, and dramatic books. It's very appealing, there are several plot twists, and not all of them were the expected ones.