Twice Lost

Twice Lost: A Paranormal Erotica (The Harbinger Series Book 1) - Jennifer Field

Could Jenna Thanatos be a female Harbinger? The first one in thousands of years?


In Jennifer Field's first book in the Harbinger series, this is one of many questions posed to the reader. None of the questions are completely answered, which leaves one waiting for the next book in the series.


The characters are a bit predictable: Jenna, the bad girl with a heart of gold. Tim, her savior. Tye, the over protective "big brother". And Gabe, the mysterious bad boy. Of course, all the men are well over 6feet tall, heavily muscled, and very easy on the eyes. Rather common in Paranormal Fantasy. There is a depth to each character though, and you do genuinely take an interest in each of them.


The book was well written, had engaging dialogue, and believable characters. The plot was well planned out, there were several expected twists, but they were presented in a way that didn't seem trite. 


I did quite enjoy this book, and do look forward to the rest of the series, but there is a warning to the reader. There are a number of very graphic sex and violent scenes, and these could well be a trigger issue to many people. Also, I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.